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Free Mindful Nutrition Course 

Session 1: Health At Every Size 

During this session we go through understanding the relationship between weight and health, looking at our past dieting history, and rejecting the diet mentality. 

Session 3: Understanding why we eat

Sometimes we eat when we're not actually hungry. Sometimes we eat beyond fullness. Sometimes we seek food to comfort us. In this session we explore the why's of eating, and start to develop tools to change undesirable behaviours.

Session 2: Honouring your  Hunger

In Session 2 we delve into understanding the nuances to how hunger is felt, the different types of hunger (including emotional hunger), and how we can be better in tune with these signals.

Additional readings/ worksheets:

Session 4: Introduction to Intuitive Eating 

In session 4 we delve into the principles for Intuitive Eating, exploring our personal connections and challenges to IE. 

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