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A Healthier Diet Is Within Reach

Online Medical Nutritional Therapy with Registered Dietitian Ekta Amarnani

Hi! I'm Ekta. I am a passionate (and slightly obssessed) dietitian whose been practicing dietetics for over a decade. I have both, a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Human Nutrition. My practice is a combination of clinical medical nutrition therapy (MNT) coupled with reflective and motivation tools so that you don't only know what to do, but also how to ensure you get there. 

I specialize in chronic disease management, and follow a Health At Every Size®  and non-diet approach, and am aligned with evidence-based practice and supportive counselling. 

What I Specialize In


unpredictable poops




abdominal pain

Heart disease

High cholesterol


General healthy eating

Vitamin deficiencies

Kidney disease

Liver disease 




Ulcerative Colitis

Chronic Diarrhea

Chronic Constipation

Please note that I do accept patients that require nutrition counselling outside of the conditions listed above on a case-by-case situation. Feel free to book a discovery call if that is the case. 

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Phone: 437-984-5099

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